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Nitro - wax for nitrocellulose paints, 200 ml
Samuraï - special wax for Japanese paint systems, 200 ml
Viking - special wax for Swedish cars, 200 ml
Shield Wax with non-stick PTFE Teflon
Glacier - Premium wax for white automobiles, 200 ml
Blau-Weiss - special wax for BMW paints, 200 ml
356 - Premium wax for synthetic resin paints, 200 ml
Zuffenhausen - Premium wax for Porsche paint systems, 200 ml
Reflexus - special wax for Lexus automobiles, 200 ml
Concorso - Concours wax, 200 ml
Crystal Rock - Paul Dalton's state-of-the-art Carnauba-Glaze, 200ml
Scuderia - special wax for Italian cars, 200 ml
Bike Sheen Motorbike Wax (fuel repellent), 50 ml
Bike Sheen Motorbike Wax (fuel repellent), 200 ml
Divine - bespoke wax creation for an individual car or cars, 2 X 200ml
Cleaner Fluid Regular, 100ml
Pre-Cleaner Opaque, 100ml
Cleaner Fluid Regular, 250ml
Cleaner Fluid Regular, 470ml
Cleaner Fluid Medium, 100 ml
Cleaner Fluid Medium, 500 ml
Cleaner Fluid Strong, 100 ml
Cleaner Fluid Strong, 500 ml
Cleaner Fluid Professional Regular, 500 ml
Mechanic Paint Repair, grinding compound, 50 ml
Cleaner Fluid Professional Medium, 500 ml
Cleaner Fluid Professional Strong, 500 ml
Car Bath Shampoo concentrate 100ml
Car Bath Opaque Shampoo concentrate 100ml
Car Bath Shampoo concentrate 250ml
Car Bath Shampoo concentrate 470ml
Car Bath Shampoo concentrate 1000ml
Spray Bottle for Lotos Protectant™, 250 ml
Nano Express Quick Refinisher, 100ml
Nano Express Quick Refinisher, 250ml
Nano Express Set - (Quick Refinisher for all non-textile surfaces)
Quick Finish Opaque Detailing spray for satin matt paints, 470ml
Protecton Plastic Restorer and Conditioner, 250 ml
Protecton Matt, Plastic Conditioner matt, 250 ml
Vinyl Clean, 250 ml - Vinyl screen cleaner and care
Fabric textile cleaner concentrate, 250 ml
Plastic Wash Plastic Cleaner, 1000 ml
Leather Cleaner Forte, 250 ml
Leather fat Elephant Museum formula, 15 ml
Leather Milk Leather Conditioner, 250 ml
Leather Care Kit
Quick Interior Finish - minute detailer for interiors, 250 ml
Quick Interior Finish - minute detailer for interiors, 470 ml
Leather Gloss Corrector Matt, 150 ml
Leather Gloss Corrector (Glossy), 150 ml
Leather Softener for old leathers, 250 ml
Cleaning brush, for Leather, Fabrics, Plastics and Vinyl
Leather Grinding Pad
Detail brush for interior dusting and cleaning
Wood Polish, 50 ml - Carnauba wax for fine wood
Wheel Cleaner concentrate, 250 ml
Pneu tyre care, 250ml
Pneu White Cleaner for white wall tyres, 250 ml
Pneu White Applicator Pads
Spoke Wheel Cleaning Kit
Autobahn wheel wax with non-stick-PTFE, 200 ml
Wax Applicator Pad, black
Cleaner Fluid Applicator Pad, white
Micro-Fluffy Wax towel, anthracite/red
Micro-Fluffy Cleaner towel, anthracite/anthracite
Wash- and Detailing Towel
Micro-Dry - the Wunder Drying Towel
Micro-Glass Cleaning Towels - Pack of 2
Mixing Bottle with mixing scale, 250 ml
Waschpudel Luxury Wash Pad
Grid Guard insert for Wash-Bucket
Car Duster Set large and mini
Concours-Duster Fluid
Hydralip Quick drying blade
Discovery Kit with Onyx wax
Entry Collection without wax - (Please choose your wax separately)
Entry Collection with Onyx wax
Entry Collection Opaque (for matt finish paint / foil)
Entry Collection with Concorso wax
Entry Collection with Mirage wax
Bike Kit - (motorcycle care)
Car Cover Size S (up to 430cm)
Car Cover Size M (up to 460cm)
Car Cover Size L (up to 490cm)
Car Cover Size XL (up to 530cm)
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